Dear miner friends,

How’s it going with your Bitcoin mining? We’ve got great news for you today!!

Last week we told you about our new partnership and it seems like you guys were really thrilled about the news because our CS team was flooded with mails of inquiry about our new mining contract.

And here comes the terrific news you are looking for!!


After intensive work with our new partner – HalleyChina, one of the strongest players in the industry who owns a TOP 3 mining farm in China, we are glad to present to you together today the brand new Bitcoin mining contract – Halley GHS!!

You are gonna love its UNPRECEDENTEDLY LOW PRICE at ONLY:

$299 per THS!!!

And the maintenance fee is as low as $0.0016 per GHS!!

The contract will be available on April 15th 2015 (UTC-8) and remember – there’s LIMITED SUPPLY!!

So first come first served! Don’t miss the chance before someone else takes home the most affordable mining contract with the FASTEST ROI!!


As some of you may not know our new partner – HalleyChina, we’d like to share with you more detailed information about this important player in China’s mining industry.

HalleyChina, a young and promising mining company now owns one of China’s TOP 3 mining farms in northern China and is deploying another one whose capacity may be able to reshape the industry.

Besides their own mining rigs, there’s also a portion of the capacity which are hosted miners for some major industrial players who value the low cost and reliable operation of Halley’s farms.

Check out 2 of its mining farms in Inner Mongolia of China:

(Farm in Wuyuan, Inner Mongolia, China)






(Farm in Erdos, Inner Mongolia, China, to be deployed)



HalleyChina is also providing financial products for Bitcoin mining with a MONTHLY ROI of up to 12%!! Go to to find more about HalleyChina.

With our new partnership, we are confident to deliver much better cloud mining services in the near future and guarantee faster ROI for all Zeus fans. And more possibilities will be unraveled with our expertise and prowess in the mining industry.


We’ve got plenty of inquiries in our CS mail asking if there’s any other payment method besides Bitcoin/Litecoin that we accept. For now is accepting coins only for payment but we are offering an alternative way as so many of you want to pay with USD.

We know it may entail some troubles with cross-border bank transfer so we are offering a DISCOUNT and EXTRA 7-DAY PPS PAYOUT when we confirm receiving your payment and activate your hashrates.

You can drop us an email via [email protected] if you want to know more details about paying with USD. Your needs are always our top priority and we’d like to provide better services for your mining ROI.

So much good news for this week and don’t forget to own some of the brand new Halley GHS before others take them home for the FASTEST ROI!!!

Let’s look forward to more exciting news next time!! Happy mining!